Of Solitude

Heart wants what it wants and there is no two ways about it. You can fear this want, loathe it with all your brute force, drive it away with the incessant noise that fills your room ever flowing from your window from the pandemonium of the outside world- but it still comes back to you. A moment of silence and the simmering of desires returns to scorch your soul, burn it and leave marks on it. Solitude is therefore the most blessed and the most loathed drug for the soul.

A masochistic soul will always crave for solitude. There is a certain pleasure in the pain of desires, a certain thrill in reliving the hopelessness of the truth in scratching out those pink tinted lenses and seeing the world in its true naked form, free from all the sugar coated, filtered realities. Truth be told we all evolve and evolution, just like birth is a painful process. We writhe our way out of the womb and then into this world - the writhing, the floating into oblivion, the struggle to breathe, the desire to cut the cord, followed by the futile want of reattaching the cord, the catharsis of crying out loud so that you are able to breathe never ceases in life. Life is just elongating the carnage of birth, a wait till the solitude in us grips our body into deathly silence. in between this never ending carnage lies the little pieces of sunshine-the moments where life is likable, where our soul bubbles in happiness and we forget all that is burning. The moment just before we sleep, the moment just after waking up and just throngs of moment lets us breathe, lets us feel alive and may be create an illusion of freedom.

Freedom is a funny concept. Astounding it is how we, the beings driven by free-will cherish freedom as the most priced entity. We fight, love, laugh and scream to get that little piece of freedom. In executing everyone's free-will we just curbed a bit of our freedom till the time it was there no more. We, our soul just like the sea took all the salt from the rivers until it was the most salty, but the rivers are not free even after pouring all their salt in the sea, in an urge to be free from the salt, they bound themselves with the seas. The seas in the urge of power and thereby freedom took in all the salt and now are all briny. But life still grows in them.

Life is a wonderful phenomena, it knows how to survive all that pain and darkness. In all the conundrum life survives, there is a zeal in the very breath we take. Look behind and life has triumphed, even when the meteorite fell on the earth life had a way to win. Amidst all the chaos life writhes out and it is beautiful. And as it is with all the beauties, it takes time and is painful. Birth is beautiful and thereby painful. Evolution is beautiful and therefore is painful. Wisdom is beautiful and therefore takes pain as its companion.Freedom is beautiful and thereby painful.

Quarantine is teaching this world the value of - Life, Evolution and Freedom. It is humbling, it is forcing us to think, to communicate in a way we never did before-being self absorbed in our vanity. It is just like a stop-look sign.Once we are out of it, which we shall everyone will see the world differently. Te little things will be more cherished and we hope we will smile more, be more responsible. Signing off on that positive note for the day


Unknown said…
Loved it Dutta! As usual you are flawless in the way you express your thoughts into words😍✌️
Yes, the world has so much to learn if onlu it cares to learn.

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