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When it is About Night

Immersed in the night: My thoughts Incoherent babbles: My nights Mingled in a concoction of distortion: My life Perfection in pandemonium: My soul Some sort of trouble: My emotions Harmony in destruction: My love Tedious in peace: My silence Some brewing conspiracy: My Peace Deluded from the dark: My optimism The darkest light: My hopes A series of mirage: My aspirations

And in the dark, I loom No, I am living and happy about it It’s the patterns you see Carved to perfection and distorted to exist It’s in the abyss I find my zenith The dew of the morning is an acid I find my solace in the night frost I wake up in the morning But ever awakened in the night Am I living in my dreams or my dreams are living me? Within my soul lies deep a secret Beyond this life and this reincarnated myth But, it is in everything between life and death Beautiful lies that my soul planted Through the lives and its many journeys Shades and layers: That’s my soul laid bare Yes, bare soul lying on the post mortem table Of the dimension…