The Improper Talk

This is the view I am seeing as I write on this post. The 1000 rupee or more question is why do we do the things we do? What compels us to act or behave in a particular way? Why does our perception change from one individual to another? Open up the brain and you will get the same structure, the same frontal lobe, the same medula oblongata. So, why is the cool girl beside me sitting there with two hot guys and chatting on and I a married person is sitting alone after completing hordes of assignment by noon. I have the answer because I chose to embrace the indifference of one guy leaving the attention of others.

Off late some people had a strong objection albeit disgust to my wacky sense of humour or my satirical tongue. It keeps me thinking that weather I should hold my horses? You know my horses or mare to be put appropriately are kicking a lot of ass lately. No, by ass I didn't mean the nether region used by humans for sitting and as rappers from around the world put it for shaking. I remember I was spanked there by my teachers and it took Mr. Christian Grey and Miss Anastasia Steele to make me understand the titlating advantages of spanking. Anyway my satirical horses are kicking some serious ass here. The ass in turn are comparing me to a female dog who has an insatiable urge for fornication (read s**t) I today confess I have an insatiable urge to travel and I cannot belong to a single place ( that makes me a travel s**t) and as the old Hindi saying goes "dhobi ka kutta na ghar ka na ghar ka" so, by that conjecture I am a lady dog. However, I am a lady nonetheless, who has no ghar and I can't sleep on Ghats, The high tides will drown me. Trust me my head is so heavy that I will drown. You, don't believe me, but it's true. I could have been 6 feet 3 inches, my kundali said so, but I came down to be a foot shorter because of heavy brain and gravity.

As the time goes by I see more and more beauties pouring in the venue. They make the duck face, the fish face and I make the classic frown face. No one minds and I realize I have a very own customized frown face. Can my face get any more frowns. I, then realize the problem. Most of the times I am not serious but I have a serious face. So, I joke with a poker face. It's a little wonder then why me and my brother ace at card games. There are pictures of me giving intense expressions. People ask me what am I thinking. You, see I have an image of a thinker all through my life. I sit in quiet thoughtful posture most of the time these are my usual thoughts:

1. I should have eaten one more chapathi for yesterday dinner. It would have made my morning bowel go wush.
2. The sweat tastes salty, the nose mucus should also taste similar
3. I am hungry (looks at the nails) damn clean nails, I have nothing to eat.
4. What if my long nose grows more like Pinocchio?
5. The crow is flying high, look out it might have bowel issues.

There are times when my husband asks me what happened, expecting a deep and profound answer.I keep quiet and give him an intense look. Most of the time I am thinking about my bowel movements or planning for a secluded place to pick my nose. Or at the most thinking on the lines of "why did Kattapa kill Bahubali?" (Na don't bother, I have not even watched the movie full).

Having a serious face with innocent looks is the worst part if you are sarcastically inclined. I am concluding the meaningless post that I have no idea of by concentrating on getting a new update for my face.


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