An Old Haunting

Old haunting is the best one 
They stay within you 
And you visit them often
They are mist surrounded
When you first lay your eyes on them
Within you they grow
And they deceive you
You did not ever know
Then while you look back
They again come back to you
You remember the haunting
And now that your innocence is snatched
Ignorance has long shed its last tear
You see, the reason they haunted
The mist is clear
The sun shines 
And you look back and smile
They are now with you
You feel the warmth of old blanket
It is still there, the old mist lingers
Your old aroma in them is still fresh
The days bygone are within you
Those warm nights with cool breeze 
Sing a song and you smile
There is a pause
And in this pause lies your life.

(This one song was in my head for the entire week, It haunted me as a child, It now brings a smile...)

South Park Street Cemetry


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