The Dark Light

When I breathed my last and my first
There was a pause and I took time to burn and unburn
Between the two ends does life dwindle and sway
Like a pendulum I travel between the dark and light
While living in the grey- a life half truth and half disguise.
Cloaks and shrouds cover but still innocence lies naked.
My soul lies bare but still guarded by the mist of facets.
The essence of body transpires and rises up to delude.
The soul peeks and moans while still tied.

Heaven had no hand in my creation
I am out of hell, their conspiracy
To bring equilibrium in opposites.
Light and shadow hover in the same plane
A pristine face shrouded by ignominy of vicious locks
Call me Medusa, but no you won't
As you never leave breathing but yes the heart beat does rise.
It is half death and then there is life
When you live past me and when you die in me....


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