The glass soul

When was the last time you looked into the mirror?
Stared it straight in the eyes and did not blink?
The blink of shame and self pittance.
The blink of a hurting conscious.
The blink of a thought, a strain you need to burn aside.

But then mirrors are opaque and they do not transpire
At times there is a numbness and then you cling to it.
Your only hope is to be oblivious and let it be.
Mirrors do not say words, they are opaque.
Look at them for hours, your soul turns glass 

Your glass soul never lets in but just reflects back.
It will break but will never let you be transparent.
Mirrors are addictive, they leave a part in you every time you see.
They are ruthless and takes away your being.
Your broken soul still does not feel it, glasses do not have nerves.
You love and loathe your reflection 
And it slowly becomes you, then you are trapped
In your own reflections and then there is dark.

Reflections dies, so does shadow in the black light
You mingle in the darkness, and then there is nothing 
In the nothingness, you still breathe and then
It dawns that there is a little more in you than just reflections.
You were a soul once and your body still pulsates.
You are just not the reflection or the occasional blink.
Your soul now is opaque but there is warmth of life.
The blood in your veins rush and you are alive.

At times when by accident you sleep on a pillow
You can hear your heart beat and blood gushing
Then when you look in the mirror, there is nothing to blink.
You are in a chasm and there is emptiness
Look back, look in are you really a vacuum?
No, you are fragmented moment, came and gone in a breath of universe.
You left an imprint in the thought process of the infinite.

You breathe and borrow a bit from the universe.
Then you again breathe and feel the beats.
You close your eyes and dissolve your being
Into layers of dimensions, that were never to be.


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