Raining Back Home

Oh its raining back home,
The raindrops seeping in and merging,
Drenching the land and its soul.
Yes my home has a soul, and you will love her.

Have you seen her lately?
She is a little shy but then loves crowd.
She sits there in her old balcony
Looking and staring
At the rain drops
she is leaning against the rails
Squatting with the glass of tea
No there are no tables and no cups
My lady does not need them.
She just needs to be her.
She just needs to be the fire 
Wrapped in the tranquil river that flows.
You find heaven in Kashi
You fall in love with Sutanuti bred.
The lanes are her locks
You inhale and get lost in them.
She is where the time stops to careress.
You do not live there
But life lives there.
You caress her and she loves you back
She is infidel and loves every lover.
She is fiery and is calm to embrace you.
She is the one you never go to
She is the one you return to
After you have achieved all
Just to lose it all for her
You can grab her hand and
Roam around aimlessly
Love her and she will never mind
You can laugh, be penniless
Stand and munch on roadside delicacies
While she makes you engrossed in her
Yes she is self obsessed
But then every beautiful creation is
And now its raining 
And drenching my soul from miles apart
As when you leave
My city never leaves you....


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