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Raining Back Home

Oh its raining back home, The raindrops seeping in and merging, Drenching the land and its soul. Yes my home has a soul, and you will love her.

The glass soul

When was the last time you looked into the mirror? Stared it straight in the eyes and did not blink? The blink of shame and self pittance. The blink of a hurting conscious. The blink of a thought, a strain you need to burn aside.

The 3 Day Challenge: Day 3 #Self Quote

  The quote from my yet to be finished novel comes at a transition point. There are times when it is better to let things and people go. Once you set them free and move out there is a realization that you were missing yourself among all the hustle and noise. When you are alone, there is a certain silence and you can  hear yourself when the emotions of others do not crowd you.