I have not slept for days now,
Yes and you know the reason,
I was waiting for you, for you to return,
Forgetting that it was I who is far.
Some love stories never end...
Because they never begin
And if they begin...
They never stop....

It is an addiction you know
To fall in your love
And fall out of it in the same breath.
There is no hope at times when I look in the mirror
These eyes have seen too much and lost it all.
I turn around to see your eyes....
And then I know....
Even if it is all pain,
It is worth living
So I fight again for us
Whom do I fight?
It is me.
Funny, it was never meant to be so...
I was the remedy and never the ailment.
You know it is hard to love you
But when one does, it is impossible to unlove.
I knew it never was easy
But then it is you
No, not my Knight in shinning armor
You are the best of my nightmares
And worst of my dreams
Yet you are perfect for me.
You are the door where this wall opens up
My emotions start and end with you
My peace starts and ends with you.
My anger starts and ends with you.
My pain and happiness starts and ends with you.
You are my endless soul... not my Prince Charming
And my love is endless for you......


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