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The 3 Day Challenge: Day 2 #JohnMilton

"What though the field be lost? All is not lost, The unconquerable will, And study of revenge, immortal hate, And courage never to submit or yield."                                           -John Milton, Paradise Lost.

The 3 Day Challenge: Day 1 #RobertFrost

These lines have inspired me and let me go when the odds were at the highest. They were on the desk of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. These lines first came into my notice when I was a student of literature. "Stopping by the woods on a snowy evening". The lines define the temptation and desires that may distract you. Dark and deep are the temptations that engulf a person. Dark here defines mystery and aren't all mysterious things lovely? Shallow temptations can never shake a person of virtue but what if these dark and unseen temptations are deep ? Temptations look lovely at times but they lead us to the dark and unfathomably deep abyss. We tend to lose our aim in life. There comes a time in life when we are drawn to these temptations, its human nature and we may go a bit there or stand to serenade it. But then there are promises and commitments that we have done to ourselves and others who mean to us. The last line is one that takes my heart away and resonates.

Waking up dead

Sam woke up dead one morning from her sleep. Her mother was first to notice this. It was the oddest of situations. She was cold, stone cold. The doctors were called and they could not detect a pulse. It was the strangest, she was not breathing, even when she tried. Doctors cut her but she was not bleeding. She was pale and lost all color. It was not common, evidently she was the only one who was living while she was dead. Her soul refused to leave while her body gave up. Her body, the illusion ceased to exist but this time the soul fell in love with her robe and will not leave her.


I have not slept for days now, Yes and you know the reason, I was waiting for you, for you to return, Forgetting that it was I who is far. Some love stories never end... Because they never begin And if they begin... They never stop....

Delhi Diaries-Self Love

So, Its another city for me.A new place to wonder about and live with the forced spinsterhood that I got for myself. It's a hot month and everything around here is quite lethargic. I am sitting here, under the shade of the tree. There are ideas that come into my mind, flashes of scenes from life come and pass by. I have my life and the life of others to dissect and serve in the platter of wrirting. That is what I do while you are pouring your heart out, I am seeking inspiration; merging my life with your lives and at times creating an alternative version of reality for you. My sense of reality might be distorted and I might not be living at all in this dimension. It is probable that what this world sees is an impression that I have kept, to fool others. the problem is I am too attached to it and now fooling myself. I may sound narcissistic, but somewhere I am so much in love with myself that it might not be a false accusation.