The fight against destiny

Gwalior Fort

When you look for the best way out, something will come and disrupt your path. It will change your life and availability. Stand over the precipice and close your eyes. You will feel as you are falling but at the same moment rising from all above. It's freeing the way you let yourself go. It is the time you know for sure that the destiny will not work on you.

It feels so empowering that destiny has no authority on you. It's the most  liberating of all the feelings. You can select your path, now that you are a dying man. Ironical isn't it? The whole life you fight with your destiny and then it gives up the moment before you die. It's almost as if your destiny was part of your soul and was never tied to the body or in the lines of the hand. Those rings and stones may be all placebo and all the while we were fighting with our destiny never knowing that it was all in our soul. Your destiny all the while was a part of your soul.

Destiny was nothing but the calling of your soul. It was the lines on which your soul will walk. Your body is a mere clothing and clothes do not guide where one goes. The intelligence of soul goes beyond your brain. It is absolute and never diminishes. There are np genetic codes to guide it. Soul is the most natural form of intelligence. The destiny you live is the decision of your soul and there is not much your bodily feelings can do. The threads and fiber that make you will break and wither if you try to restrict its movements too forcefully. Your soul will find a new body.

Next time you lose yourself to destiny, think again....maybe you are losing to your soul


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