A Small Encounter

Wall and flowers

It had rained all morning and noon. the afternoon was drenched in the trickles that fell from the heaven like the little follies of girls who had dropped a thin vase of water. The month was of winter and the incessant rains made it sure that the weather was damp and morose. Being a weekend the streets were abandoned a little too soon. It was an evening with the gloom of mid night. The big city streets were alone for a change and were basking in their solitude. Numerous alleys and countless lanes passed by and crisscrossed in utter pandemonium. Roads shrunk to streets and they to lanes and they merged in alleys so thin that only you could pass with no one by your side. these alleys showed the true nature of the city indeed. There were dark corners and dead ends that seldom saw a glimpse of light.

In one such alley she stood with a heavy and loose over coat hanging loose on her. She had propped up the collars and let her hair lose. The dark brown formed a cascade and ended mid way above her elbows. She was leaning against the algae infested red brick wall that was damp from the rains and a slight smell of water seeping on the naked bricks made her sleepy but she could not sleep. It was a little more than twenty four hours that she had lost all sleep. She dropped her head and snugly placed her hand in the over coat pocked. She sunk deep and now placed her weight on the red brick wall. The window on the first floor of opposite building was shut but the glass on the pane gave away the soft and sharp tinkle of the chandelier inside the room. It glimmered like a candle sprinkled with salt. She looked at it dreamily and thought about the material. "Crystal" that was her only thought at that time. She noticed some shadowy figures lingering in a motion of dance. She looked at it and smiled and suddenly those words flashed by,

"When you dance....when you dance."

Her eyes widened in an expression mingled with fear and apprehension. She heard a sound of a tin can falling just outside the alley and her heart jumped into her mouth. She bent forward to peep in and closed her eyes in relief to see the white cat the reason for the noise.

As she felt the relief surging in her body after twenty four hours of vigil someone grabbed her by the neck and forced his weight on her body. She opened her eyes and saw him. She knew his smell and ways and though she was surprised but her body was at ease. She gasps and is about to say his name when he kisses her and shuts her mouth while trying to intrude. He kisses her violently releasing all the hunger stored for years. He explores her mouth with his tongue and she resists as she has always done but slowly gives in. He bites a little on her tongue and she stifles a moan.He moves his tongue and bites the lower lip making it travel along the direction of teeth. His weight crushes her body and she clings to the wall. The dampness seeps in her hair and she sniffs in his scent. She moves a little trying to ease the weight but leaves it undone. He reaches down her neck and starts devouring it. It was maliciously sweet to be wanted. She now melts in his body and revels in his grip and scent.

All of a sudden her eyes open and he is nowhere to be seen. It was a dream and she had a siesta. She was sweating heavily when a bullet passed by her ears and hit the wall.She instinctively bent down in defense and started searching for her own gun. She lifted her eyes to see the direction of the bullet and as expected it was from the window of the first floor of the opposite building.

The man or rather a shadow of a man shot another shot and this time it graced her lock and got embedded in the wall. The second shot resonated and waked up the dogs who now came in the alley. With snarling dogs and a dead end she had nowhere to go. She again stole a glimpse. In half dark she saw the man smiling and aiming again.

He fired a third shot and it hit the dog who was nearing her with a snarl. The rest of the pack panicked and whimpered and ran away. The hit dog missed it by that much and ran away with his tails between legs. She bought this time to procure her gun. Her training made it easy for her to unlock the pin fast and she raised her arms for a fire. She shot and heard a woman scream and foot steps and a slam of a door. the man ran in her direction while fired a shot in the direction of the door. A few seconds later she saw a lady exiting the door that was hidden in the dark. She raised her hand and was trembling. Another shot was fired by the man towards this fearful girl and she whimpered away. He laughed and aimed at her now.

"The Party is over love." He said as he aimed low
She laid low and hurled towards the door.

"So there was dance afterall." she thought as she moved forward.

She intuitively moved sideways and the shot aimed straight missed her.

"Oh she knows all the tricks." he mused and left the room.
She headed straight for the back door and rushed upstairs while being vigilant.

They met halfway and before he could react she shot him one on his hand. This made him throw the gun intuitively. He groaned "Bitch" and slumped.

She calmly shot his legs, both of them and took his gun.

The pain was too much to bear for him and he passed out.

Before passing out. He saw her as she came near him.

She placed a hungry kiss on his lips and said, "Oh yes I am...yours...."

Firing with one hand is strenuous and now she called her senior, "Sir the task is done, Your convict is alive but injured. Had to do so as he was in attack mode." she disconnected still flexing her right hand and leaning against the wall. She had caught his sniff while he was on a run and pursued him. She was an effecient officer and had won accolades. No one but she knew her little secret.....she loved to torture a few she lusted for.....It was all right...After all that is what good looking convicts are for.....She stepped near him and inspected his face with her hand. he was unconcious and bleeding...."got you." was the word she said before rest of the team appeared....


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