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When Mira entered the room she could see a faint light coming from the corner of the room. It was a sickly lamp  that was flickering in a corner. She found her way in the half darkness that now ensued the room. Slumped in the bed she covered her face with her hands.She was tired to the bones and needed sleep but it some how evaded her.

A Small Encounter

It had rained all morning and noon. the afternoon was drenched in the trickles that fell from the heaven like the little follies of girls who had dropped a thin vase of water. The month was of winter and the incessant rains made it sure that the weather was damp and morose. Being a weekend the streets were abandoned a little too soon. It was an evening with the gloom of mid night. The big city streets were alone for a change and were basking in their solitude. Numerous alleys and countless lanes passed by and crisscrossed in utter pandemonium. Roads shrunk to streets and they to lanes and they merged in alleys so thin that only you could pass with no one by your side. these alleys showed the true nature of the city indeed. There were dark corners and dead ends that seldom saw a glimpse of light.

A story about love

As the sun started its downward journey in the western horizon, he sat there staring at it with plaintive eyes. These eyes had seen many things in its twenty two years of life. With a certain calm and conviction that is a hallmark of age, this youth was one old soul. As he kept on sitting staring at the sun, he heard a distant voice.