Canvas Kolkata-Traditional Pooja (Sawegi) 2014

And I am back with more Durga Puja Frenzy. By this time you all have guessed that I am somewhat A Durga Puja Maniac. I went to Kumartooli especially to take a peek into the making of the Goddess. For me Durga Puja from Its inception in Mahalaya is the best time of the year.

In my last post it was all experimental theme pooja. I love the art there but the traditional Pooja takes me to some other level of spirituality. (I am a spiritual person and love the festivals of any religion. I am not a religious fanatic. I am Spiritual rationalist who just starts jumping due to happiness during the festivities)

The one whose beauty took my heart away was The Durga idol at Singhi Park, South Kolkata. I always visit this pandal in afternoons. This year my time of visit was around 11 am.
Singhi Park
Singhi Park:A Close up

Singhi Park 2014
That is how she is garlanded

Singhi Park 2014,Kolkata
Divine Smile

Singhi Park 2014
A parting shot

Sreebhumi Sporting Laketown. My time of visit 5:30 am otherwise you have to stand in 3 km long queue even if you go at 2 am. The major attraction is the diamond jewellery on Maa.
Sreebhumi Sporting Lake town 2014
And there was cement, tiles and paints involved just for five days.

Sreebhumi Sporting, lake town Kolkata 2014
It is actually real Big but then there are bigger

Sreebhumi Sporting, lake town Kolkata 2014
Notice the crown, necklace and earrings...shine bright like a diamond? Actually its diamond

Sreebhumi Sporting, lake town Kolkata 2014
And it was hand craved on wood

The Poojas I gave a miss were College Square and Mohhamed Ali Park because my husband won't move into that area and I hate going alone especially on Poojas and only on Poojas. The Idol I have never given a miss is Baghbazar. I have a spiritual connect with her. I went there at around 3:30 am in the morning and simply stood there for a time span between a few moments and eternity. I had my eyes tear filled and it was tough to focus with my camera. I usually remain silent for at least half an hour or so after seeing this Idol every year. My photos won't do justice to it. If you want to feel what I and many others feel just go there once.

Baghbazar 2014
Some struggle to put this in a single frame

Baghbazar 2014
Mother..oh My Mother!

Baghbazar 2014
Magnum Opus

Park Circus Maidan The Pooja with which my South Kolkata Pandal hopping starts. This year Maa had me in tears. As I entered Matri Vandana was humming in the background and then it was followed by Dhak (Drum) This drum and the chant always takes me into a trance. I get lost in the midst of all and get transcended. A moment came when I could see my Mother in Durga Maa (This is the best thing I love about being a Shakt, you get to transcend to a different   spiritual level all together.)

Park Circus Maidan 2014
Park Circus Maidan

Park Circus Maidan 2014
My mother looked similar when she was angry
Ekdalia Evergreen: You can vouch that this Pooja will be some Magnum Opus. This year they did what Sreebhumi Sporting Lake town did last year. The gold Jewellery but on a bit larger scale. Nonetheless It is one of the best Traditional Poojas in Kolkata. A must watch.

Ekdalia Evergreen 2014
Ekdalia Evergreen: Please observe the Jewellery

Ekdalia Evergreen 2014
And Your Eyes....

Ballygunge Cultural: Thematic Pandal but Traditional idol. The fusion never fails:

Ballygunge Cultural 2014
A glimpse behind the bars

Ballygunge Cultural 2014
The Mother

Ballygunge Cultural 2014
All in the family

Ballygunge Cultural 2014 Durga Pooja

Falguni Sangha: Homely, serene, calm, peaceful.

Falguni Sangha 2014 Durga Puja
Falguni Sangha


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