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Crisis is a state of affair where your equilibrium of life is all lost.Where your hopes are on the verge of dying and you do not see the light while standing in a tunnel, pitch dark. Jammu and Kashmir was ravaged by floods this year and the Indian Army became their Crisis Angel. Come to think of it our Defence Forces have always been our Crisis Angel.

In Delirium...The fire within

When there is fire in you, you are restless. You just cannot wait and are anxious. This fire is in your belly, reaching to your heart and burning you and burning your sky in a fiery entanglement. Your life is all scorched and you cannot rest. You find yourself creating on one hand and destroying every possible thing on the other. This happens before you start a new journey. It is rudimentary that when you are engaged in a simultaneous journey one after another then to start one new journey you have to end another. But then how to end it? With every passing day in your current journey you change, you evolve. You die a bit, your old self dies and you are reborn a bit with every passing second and then one day you change so much that the very motivation for starting the journey seems meaningless to you. What you do then? You yearn for this journey to be over but cannot let it go. It is human nature to stick to the routine. Funny the way our mind is dynamic our soul may be a bit passive …

Bards Of the Blogosphere:Week-3 Chapter 7 -.The Catharsis #Celebrateblogging

Please Note:This is the seventh chapter for week 3 in the "Game of Blogs" for the team "Bards of the Blogosphere." #CelebrateBlogging
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"Just....Just do not harm my baby...please...I....I beg of you." said Tara. There are moments when you cry but then their are moments you are beyond sorrow. You are numb, numb thinking of the inevitable. Numb thinking that your whole world is crashing down infront of you.

Spiritual Rationalist

"When in doubt, close your eyes and search your soul for answers." Mohini told me looking playfully at me. Her Kohl rimmed eyes were teething with mischievous seduction. Her lips, stalked highly with the red coloured lipstick. It almost seemed she was thriving on my blood and was engulfing my soul.

Canvas Kolkata-Traditional Pooja (Sawegi) 2014

And I am back with more Durga Puja Frenzy. By this time you all have guessed that I am somewhat A Durga Puja Maniac. I went to Kumartooli especially to take a peek into the making of the Goddess. For me Durga Puja from Its inception in Mahalaya is the best time of the year.
In my last post it was all experimental theme pooja. I love the art there but the traditional Pooja takes me to some other level of spirituality. (I am a spiritual person and love the festivals of any religion. I am not a religious fanatic. I am Spiritual rationalist who just starts jumping due to happiness during the festivities)
The one whose beauty took my heart away was The Durga idol at Singhi Park, South Kolkata. I always visit this pandal in afternoons. This year my time of visit was around 11 am.

Canvas Kolkata: Theme Pooja 2014 glimpses

So, the Pujas are finally over and the days when This "Canvas Kolkata" is painted in varied hues is due next year. Amidst fervent Pandal Hopping I gave my dear blogging a miss and missed my Blogger friends a lot. So, here is the compensation. Puja Parikrama 2014