Incident One: An Officer-in-Charge catches a thief red handed. He takes him under custody. While interrogating he sees that he is barely 19 or 20. His clothes are tattered and he looks sickly. The Officer asks why did he steal? He said to pay of a debt of some five thousand bucks to claim his father's rickshaw. This boy's father died recently of long sickness and in his treatment the last asset barring their home was either pawned or sold. The Officer releases him gives him five thousand (Equals his month's salary) and says to get back the rickshaw and stop stealing. The Boy does that and the officer doesn't get the money back and doesn't even bother. The Officer has a daughter suffering from Thalasemia who needs regular blood transfusion.

Incident Two: As The Truck enters one of the busiest roads in the city at 5 pm during the peak office hour traffic the Traffic Sergeant stretches his hand like an artiste in pose. The truck driver quickly hands over a hundred rupee note and moves on to give the commuters a nightmare. The Trucks are not allowed to enter city roads between 8 am to 10 pm.

Incident Three: A lady IPS officer cracks a case in 72 hours. She is transferred to a less relevant post.

Incident Four: After 6-7 months of a brutal murder case (rape also) not a single culprit is caught.

Incident Four: A diligent IPS officer ensures smooth Traffic during Durga Pujas. All the officers are standing in the sun doing their duties while we enjoy hassle free Durga Puja. Families together watching Puja. Fathers Mothers and Kids. The Police Officers are someone's Son, Father, Brother, Fiance, Lover, Friend, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Wife. They stand their, they do not have a holiday when all have.

Incident Five: A scene erupts in the street. Some rowdies taking law in their hands. Police just is a silent spectator.

Incident Six: The Financial Capital is under threat. A senior IPS officer, A Police Constable all jump into save the city. The Constable faces an Automatic Weapon with his Office Weapon. You need courage to face Death, To Fight it.

I often wonder why Police= Corrupt?

I am not stating that all Police are good. I am not saying all are inefficient and corrupt.

But they are humans and individuals. Individual ethics and character vary.

The system plays an important role. Not all can go against the Political Bosses. They remain silent.

Some stand. They face two things Transferred or Killed. These people don't fear either.

Some are basically weak and give in to the corruption.

It is not the Police Force but the story of an Entire Nation.



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