The Beginnings

.........And I missed my train.

I sat on my hunches, panting hard grasping every breath as if it were my last. My heart kept on jumping in my rib cage as if it just wants to be set free, maybe it wanted to be freed of the body it was hopelessly pumping life in.

I closed my eyes and still the pain won't go off. I tried to get up and somehow dragged my body to the bench and sat somehow clinging my bag, the only luggage I had. I looked up at the concrete roof of the station and the sickly ceiling fan and smiled. I never missed a train actually and it was my first.

"Hello, missed the train?"

I sat up startled and looked at a smiling face. A pretty good looking face at that. Missing train may have it's own perks I believe.

"Yes." I said
"Well I saw you running towards it and I was in it."
"Were you sleeping that it took you so long to get down at the station?"
"No, I got in the train from this station, I saw you missing your train and I got down."
"Because I felt like it."
"The next train leaves at 10 o'clock in the night. We have 4 hours plus the train ride in our hands."
"So, what do we do?"
"Live the moment when we are still together."
"I don't know let us roam around the city." I smiled something in me told me that this is going to last.

Even if it doesn't last I wouldn't lose out on the moment where I can be in the road of falling in love with each other. Falling in love and the rush of this moment was so amazing that you could live your entire life in misery out of it. I was the one who lived in moments and this moment or the next moments were mine and I will certainly Live, Love and Laugh in them.

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Anupam Patra said…
On the magical path, must I say?!
Crisp narration, wonderful beginning, Datta
magiceye said…
:) Perfect plot! Well woven!
Shweta Dave said…
I read a few I missed my train ones and this is the best because most of them was a decision that the character consciously takes of missing and this one she really missed. Need I say super post Datta.
Amrit Sinha said…
Wow ... this was superb :-)
Datta Ghosh said…
Thanks Sammya for dropping in
Datta Ghosh said…
Thanks a lot Anupam, That was humbling
Alok Vats said…
Very well written Datta :)
Datta Ghosh said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Datta Ghosh said…
Wow! That was a great compliment coming from you! I am almost blushing, Thanks a ton! :)
Datta Ghosh said…
Thanks Amrit..still thinking of your "Wait"
AmitAag said…
Wonderfully narrated!
Beautiful narration Datta... :)
Mridula said…
It is good then that she missed the train :D
Ravish Mani said…
What a beginning, Datta! It is said na 'Aghaz Aisa Hai To Anjame Bayan Kya Hoga.' A very inspirational & optimistic story with wonderful spiritual message. When one door closes, another opens. Sobbing over past & future or enjoying the moment; the choice is always yours. Everything you want pleasurable is on other side of fear. I mean, she could get frightened by stranger's decision of leaving the train for her. Lots of kudos.
Datta Ghosh said…
Yes, Mridula real good :)
Datta Ghosh said…
Thanks a lot Ravish! your comment completed my post. :) Yes as mountain dew says "Darr ke aage jeet hain" when we let go of our fear we start leaving completely. We stare at our disappointments and setbacks and then smile and move on. We face our fear and get a way out and put it aside and start living.
Wow..Great narration Datta..:)
Anunoy Samanta said…
Any inspiration from Before the Sunrise? :)
Vidhya Rao said…
wow...I remember my moment(s) of falling in love....ya plural....there is always a reason behind the happenings in life :)

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