"...As if nothing had happened!" her mother shouted throwing away The Kafka she was reading.

She could see from her mother's face that this was not the usual, it was serious. Something had happened, something very bad. Her nostrils flared, eyes were blood red and she was trembling.

She held her hand with pleading eyes but her mother removed the hand and slapped her hard on her face.

She again held her hand with both her hands and held it softly but more reassuringly. She looked in to her eyes and nodded her head down once with empathy.

She knew what it was. She was not a child anymore. She was almost eighteen now. She was still not an adult but she was always an adult from the heart.

"What is it Mom?" she said calmly
Her mother had stopped to tremble and sat beside her on the bed in her room and kept her head low.

They remained silent for a few minutes and then tears started to roll out of the mothers eyes.
The daughter hugged her tightly.

"It is all right mother." said the daughter softly and gently kissed her head.

"You are not running away from us in the guise of moving away for the higher studies." said the mother with a child like innocence.

"No, Mom. I told you that I will come every other weekend." she said.

"Whom will I talk to when you are gone? Your Dad is too busy stating his own problems and your brother is too small."
"We will talk over phone."
That night the mother became the three year old daughter who cried night long fourteen years back on hearing that school means to be away from Mom.

That night the daughter became the thirty two year old mother who consoled her daughter all night long, fourteen years back while her heart too cried thinking of the separation.

The Cycle of Life....

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Heart touching..Wonderful write up :)
Amrit Sinha said…
This is such a beautiful story ... the bond between mother and child ... really beautiful.
Wonderfully written....the bond between a Mother and her daughter is something that only they can understand...such precious and unique bond.
Datta Ghosh said…
Thanks Amrit, yes it is the purest of all bonds
Datta Ghosh said…
Agreed Uma, it is a bond like no other bond
Anupam Patra said…
This is beautiful Datta. Felt so nice to read this, the oh so unique bond between Ma and her girl. Loved it.
Ashwati Nair said…
A very touching and nice story. Really good Datta.
Role reversals are so inevitable in life. One separation leads to another communion... and it goes on.
Ravish Mani said…
Datta, beautifully expressed - a heartfelt experience.
Alok Vats said…
Truly it really hurts to separate from some one else. BTW Datta, just wanted to suggest if you can change the font of your blog, it is not looking that much readable.
anawnimiss said…
Wow, this was really beautiful. It's amazing how you see stories in the simplest of human experiences, Datta!
Nice one. Highlights how maturity comes into place as life-altering decisions need to be made. Having undergone this twice, I can relate to it. Really nice.. :)
Indrani said…
Hmm... now that takes me back to the situation from which I am trying to escape desperately. :)
Nice writing.
Datta Ghosh said…
Thanks Anupam. :) your comments always bring a smile on my face.
Datta Ghosh said…
Thanks Ashwati for stopping By
Datta Ghosh said…
Absolutely right Sir, This is the cycle of life
Datta Ghosh said…
Thanks Alok for reading and Thanks again for the suggestion. Changes applied. :)
Datta Ghosh said…
Thanks Dear. :) That is so humbling. :) Thanks for the suggestion.
Datta Ghosh said…
Thanks Siddharth for such a heartfelt comment. :)
Datta Ghosh said…
Thanks Indrani, yes, I can understand what you are going through but as time will pass you will grow more closer to each other as absence makes the heart grow fonder. :)
Beautifully penned Datta...really touching...

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