Incredible India !!! Part One!!

India, a land full of People, a Nation of Colourful People. People here are loud, outspoken, attention seeking, immensely benevolent or extremely malevolent. Even the average common citizen of India is extremely average. I have lived across geographies and trust me I cannot replace anything with being an Indian and living in India. Its like living in a fiction every single moment and who misses that !!

Living here is like a kaleidoscope of experiences. A burst of flavours in your mouth. Yes, we are foodies. Our food is the most vibrant in the world and sure its spicy and loud as the people are.

A sip of tea in the Decker's Lane in Kolkata, Aloo Tikki at High Court area in Gwalior, Faluda at Sadar Bazar in Agra, Having Dhoklas at night in a street in Ahmedabad, Pani Puri at Juhu Chaupati in Mumbai, South Indian  Paw Bhaji in Vishakapatnam. All the things have one thing common other than awesome taste. Its AWESOME LITTER they create and add to that the habit of ours to throw things out of the dustbin.

If there are two points A and B and they are 5 meters apart. X is standing at the middle (Point C)  2.5 meters each from A and B and is having an Item Y which has a wrapper P. A here is a dustbin and B is just a portion of footpath or road. 95% chances the wrapper P will end up in the point B.

While commuting in a Train recently (Jodhpur Express) I got a shock of my life. I went to use the washroom and voila! NO PAN STAINS, NO DIRTY COMMENTS OR ILLUSTRATIONS in the washroom. I almost lost consciousness and panicked and then pinched myself hard to make sure I was not dreaming. NO it was real! So very real. Unbelievable!

Then, coming back I sat on my seat and people were discussing about the Clean roads of US and Europe.

One Gentleman said "The Government works there."
Another Said "See the roads, They are so clean. The Government cleans the roads there so, nicely!"

Being an Imaginative person I imagined Obama ,Cameron, Merkel, Putin et all, sweeping the streets or roads of their respective countries. The Government Officials carrying a spit bowl and catching every spit that is thrown out. Really, our government should do it. They should personally visit and pick up every time we litter on the roads. They should hover around in a helicopter with a binocular. The moment anyone litters on the road they should catch it. US and Europe also do this exercise, Right? People over there do not care to throw things in dustbin or they do not restrain from spitting in public. Government does that after all its government's country not our country. We should be bothered to clean up our home itself  as we live there. We do not live in our Country.

Thinking all this I slipped into a siesta. When I opened my eyes. The Lady who was traveling along with the Gentleman and the entire family offered me peanuts, they had bought. I politely refused. I saw that they were eating the peanuts and throwing the leftover on the floor of the train.

"This train is so dirty." said the gentleman while continuing to decorate the floor with peanuts.

I smiled and thought in India complaining never ends and taking responsibility never actually begins.  I hope it changes and we change it not anyone else but we. One person at a time. One step at a time.


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