Being Fashionable

True, Untrue
Happy, Sad
Caring, Indifferent
Beautiful, Ugly
Awakened, Sleepy.

This question made me think, think real hard of all the times when I needed help and of the times when someone in dire need of help was in front of me. 

Being a benevolent person I usually help people I know when they need help. 

But what about strangers? I will think twice. 

I might even pass by them thinking that someone else will have the time to save.

 But the candle march rally? 

I may avoid it thinking that if I do not have time to save someone then why have a candle march.

 But will I raise my voice against it after reading the morning newspaper? 

Yes, sure I will. That is the only thing I do, use my freedom for speech.

Why do I voice my opinion?

 because it is fashionable.

Why Do we line up in a candle march?

 Because it is fashionable.

It is Fashion at My India the Great

Why do not we save people in distress? 

Simple logic it is never in fashion. We are fashionable people. We do every thing in fashion. We do not do what others won't do. So saving someone is out of fashion.

I too follow fashion. I love to be trendy. I voice my opinion but never save people in trouble.

But what happens when I am the VICTIM

Well then I fend for myself. I do not have any one to help.

 People will look at my pretty face. People will look at me and appreciate but they will never come when I am in distress. We are worshippers of beauty. They will love me rill I am beautiful. They will not save me when I am brutalized because then I am ugly. Who cares for ugly people. But when I am martyr to my own victimization then death shall make me beautiful, it will make me pure. People will come then for me with candles in their hands with their eyes open wide, face glowing. But then now while being brutalized they all have eyes wide shut and they wait red faced, ashamed at my ugliness. 

Knowing all this I walk, I live and when I see others in distress I pass by. I too wait for the person being martyred and then I jump into the scene.


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