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Canvas Kolkata-Kumartooli The Durga Puja Preparations - 1

As The Mother Eagerly awaits at the gates of Kailash
To descend to the Earth, once her abode......
As Lord Shiva looks at his wife longingly.... Nine Days of parting is a shade too long....
 Her sons and daughters fervently engage in creating divinity out of clay

The monsoon almost over.... A clear sky is all that they pray..
 God creates Humans and Humans create a frame for God...

The daughter of  This Earth

Is The Strength to the Supreme one....

Maa Asche......Mother is Coming

Being Fashionable

Faces:  True, Untrue Happy, Sad Caring, Indifferent Beautiful, Ugly Awakened, Sleepy.
People conveniently ignore a girl in distress or an accident victim on the road, but would enthusiastically march with candles in hand for a cause. Why?#Doublefaceofsociety
This question made me think, think real hard of all the times when I needed help and of the times when someone in dire need of help was in front of me. 
Being a benevolent person I usually help people I know when they need help. 
But what about strangers? I will think twice.
I might even pass by them thinking that someone else will have the time to save.
But the candle march rally?
I may avoid it thinking that if I do not have time to save someone then why have a candle march.
 But will I raise my voice against it after reading the morning newspaper?
Yes, sure I will. That is the only thing I do, use my freedom for speech.
Why do I voice my opinion?
 because it is fashionable.
Why Do we line up in a candle march?
 Because it is fashion…

The Beginnings-2

"Hello, Nirvaan!  I have not seen you for a long while, hope life is treating you well,  my old friend." her voice sounded benevolently frozen.

 I couldn't help it, the song "Hotel California" played in my mind "Welcome to the Hotel California...". For some unknown reasons I was dead scared. Nandini, the nerd Nandini was sitting in front of me in the tram. I had seen her last some twelve years back. She was a timid and unassuming girl. she was almost invisible.

 I remembered the day when I last saw her. She was sitting in the library trying to solve an equation in calculus. Poor thing she wasn't good looking neither was she good in studies, she was just an average. She used to steal glances towards me. Friends said she had this huge crush over me. So, that was the day we were playing truth and dare and my dare was to go and propose her and make her believe that I was madly in love with her.

"I love you." I said as I approached her. She look…

The Sky it Was-Thursday Challenge


For Introverts

It is an odd array of things my life is made of. Yes, generally I do not write much about myself or my life in my blogs.A mention or two about my life in the comments of the blogs which touch my heart is generally the norm. This is the rare occasion where I am not hiding behind a Devyani,The Tunnel Of Mirrors, My Love or many other things. This time it is just me, pure and unadulterated me. To start of with I was a shy and Introvert child. I was so introvert and so quiet that people either thought I am either to abnormal or too proud. But I was shy and painfully introvert.

Living in a society where as a children it is normal to be loud, demanding, unruly and in short it was a thing of pride to be a Brat. I was sure the odd ball. People had all kind of assumptions. The questions never left my parents:

Why  is your child so silent?
Is she good in studies?
Is she normal?
Is she crazy?
Have you seen a doctor/psychiatrist?
Your child is too proud?

A simple thing as being an I…

The Gate

"When I was waiting for you this long I never realized when I fell out of love with you." said Mira with an air of indifference.

Sahil stood there dumb founded. He never had expected this. He sincerely thought it was something she will understand. He was tied up in other things and was so busy with life that he couldn't reach her any sooner.

"How can you say that?" was all that he could manage. His deep brown eyes now filled with tears till the brim. His beautiful mouth shivering to start a bout of sobs.

"I do not know twenty years is a long wait. I kept on standing on this gate keeping my end of promise. What took you so long?" She spoke as her black serpentine hair gently touched her dusky face. Those sparkling almond shaped eyes were so clear that Sahil would spend rest of his time just looking at them.

"You know what took me so long. I have...had a family and kids to take care of. I cannot leave them all for your love. Be reasonable." Sahil…

The Beginnings

.........And I missed my train.

I sat on my hunches, panting hard grasping every breath as if it were my last. My heart kept on jumping in my rib cage as if it just wants to be set free, maybe it wanted to be freed of the body it was hopelessly pumping life in.
I closed my eyes and still the pain won't go off. I tried to get up and somehow dragged my body to the bench and sat somehow clinging my bag, the only luggage I had. I looked up at the concrete roof of the station and the sickly ceiling fan and smiled. I never missed a train actually and it was my first.
"Hello, missed the train?"
I sat up startled and looked at a smiling face. A pretty good looking face at that. Missing train may have it's own perks I believe.
"Yes." I said "Well I saw you running towards it and I was in it." "Were you sleeping that it took you so long to get down at the station?" "No, I got in the train from this station, I saw you missing your train and I got down…


Incident One: An Officer-in-Charge catches a thief red handed. He takes him under custody. While interrogating he sees that he is barely 19 or 20. His clothes are tattered and he looks sickly. The Officer asks why did he steal? He said to pay of a debt of some five thousand bucks to claim his father's rickshaw. This boy's father died recently of long sickness and in his treatment the last asset barring their home was either pawned or sold. The Officer releases him gives him five thousand (Equals his month's salary) and says to get back the rickshaw and stop stealing. The Boy does that and the officer doesn't get the money back and doesn't even bother. The Officer has a daughter suffering from Thalasemia who needs regular blood transfusion.

Incident Two: As The Truck enters one of the busiest roads in the city at 5 pm during the peak office hour traffic the Traffic Sergeant stretches his hand like an artiste in pose. The truck driver quickly hands over a hundred ru…

Sky on Fire

My Sky is on Fire The earth is not my abode Hither I wonder Remember I am the Vulcan Thrown out of heaven Still too proud for the earth.

Thank You Maa

"Wake up you sleepy head." yelled a voice softly (if you know what threatening whispers of a mother means)

"Mom, let me sleep..Its a holiday for Heaven's Sake."I said in sleepy irritation.

"No, you fool its 12 midnight. It's not a holiday for crying out loud. It's THE INDEPENDENCE DAY." She said empathically.

That startled me out of my sleep. I jumped up and sat straight. My mouth hung open to see a splitting image of my mother but I could say she was not my mother. Dusky, with eyes that told you a thousand words, disheveled long black hair. Wearing a white saree. Had it not been the disheveled hair and the saree I would have never thought that it was not my mother.

"Who are you?"
"Can't you see? I am your mother."

"No, you just look like her you are definitely not my mother." I said with conviction.

She tapped my head, "I am your Mother Land."

"If you are Mother India why do I look like my mot…

On Empathy

When I first stepped as a nervous newbie in that school little did I know how far will helping others take me. My first day in a new school and a new city was horrible. I joined mid session in the month of  September. On the first day as I entered the class all the kids were playing as the assembly bell was yet to ring. I was all of nine and half years studying in 5th Standard. After assembly I was introduced formally and was made to sit in a bench in the last rows because of my height.

The first day was:

Me smiling a friendly smile at all.

All frowning back at me.

This went on for a month till the mid terms I used to sit in a corner and quietly do my work. The Mid Term elevated my status from a "New comer Nobody" to "One of the Toppers Somebody". Atleast people didn't frown the just returned my smile with a blank stare.

Then that day came: One of the classmates accidentally dropped his tiffin and I quietly forwarded my tiffin and said him to have it. He had his fil…


"...As if nothing had happened!" her mother shouted throwing away The Kafka she was reading.

She could see from her mother's face that this was not the usual, it was serious. Something had happened, something very bad. Her nostrils flared, eyes were blood red and she was trembling.

She held her hand with pleading eyes but her mother removed the hand and slapped her hard on her face.

She again held her hand with both her hands and held it softly but more reassuringly. She looked in to her eyes and nodded her head down once with empathy.

She knew what it was. She was not a child anymore. She was almost eighteen now. She was still not an adult but she was always an adult from the heart.

"What is it Mom?" she said calmly
Her mother had stopped to tremble and sat beside her on the bed in her room and kept her head low.

They remained silent for a few minutes and then tears started to roll out of the mothers eyes.
The daughter hugged her tightly.

"It is all right mother.&…

India and Matters of the Heart

Marriage and Love or Love and Marriage is a tricky affair all over the world. Matters of heart and human emotions are always tricky. Why they are tricky?

Human beings are complex creatures. No two people are alike. What works for one don't work for another. There is no formula for love.Even people get attracted to each other it might not be love.Even they are in love there might be compatibility issues. The more individualistic the society is the more importance is given to Individual choices. Individualistic societies focus  more on individuals and there needs. You are not implicated unless you are not committing any crime. Their so called morals are negotiable. People won't slit the throat of a fellow person just because he is not up to the benchmark of morality he has set. People understand and respect the fact that to each person lies his/her choices and morality.

Shifting Focus to India: We are an ancient river side civilization, sharing a common river and a limited space…

For the infidels it rained that night

"It is a pleasure to love you, to know you." she said as she wiped the tears that rolled out of her eyes and touched her swollen lips.
"It will hurt a little but then it will be over." said the boy to his girlfriend in the flat next to hers.
"I have forsaken my identity for you and will again forge a new identity if you want."She said looking at him, her lips throbbing with pain all the while.
"Isn't it wrong? You are engaged?" said the girlfriend next door, sitting back on the bed where her boyfriend had laid her.
"Then why doesn't it feel wrong?" answered the boyfriend with a smile laying her back.

Incredible India !!! Part One!!

India, a land full of People, a Nation of Colourful People. People here are loud, outspoken, attention seeking, immensely benevolent or extremely malevolent. Even the average common citizen of India is extremely average. I have lived across geographies and trust me I cannot replace anything with being an Indian and living in India. Its like living in a fiction every single moment and who misses that !!

Living here is like a kaleidoscope of experiences. A burst of flavours in your mouth. Yes, we are foodies. Our food is the most vibrant in the world and sure its spicy and loud as the people are.

A sip of tea in the Decker's Lane in Kolkata, Aloo Tikki at High Court area in Gwalior, Faluda at Sadar Bazar in Agra, Having Dhoklas at night in a street in Ahmedabad, Pani Puri at Juhu Chaupati in Mumbai, South Indian  Paw Bhaji in Vishakapatnam. All the things have one thing common other than awesome taste. Its AWESOME LITTER they create and add to that the habit of ours to throw things…