These Juvenile Criminals....

Juvenille :


Latin iuvenilis, from iuvenis (young)

juvenile (Comparative; more juvenile, Superlative Most juvenile)

  1. young; not fully developed
  2. characteristic of youth or immaturity; childish
juvenile (plural juveniles)
  1. a prepubescent child
  2. a person not legally of age, or who is younger than may be charged with an offence
  3. an animal that is not sexually mature
  4. an actor playing a child's role.
Source Wikitionary

From the above definition We understand Juvenile is a young child, Prepubescent child, not sexually mature.So if a person is prepubescent how he can rape (sadly in India only penile insertion is considered as rape). Reversely if a person is raping then he is sexually mature and so how can he be technically a juvenille.

The argument against this will be just because he is sexually mature doesn't tell that he can't be a child from the brain. So, my point is a person who commits such an act of violence can never be a child from the brain. (Please see  that I consider rape to be an act of violence and not of sex. A juvenile engaging into consensual sex is his or her personal choice but rape is a crime.)

A Juvenile can commit a murder but then the murder can be an act of self defense so, saving his soul and innocence becomes the duty of law. Rape cannot be committed as an act of Self Defence so, the focus of the law should be Justice for the Victim and Punishment for the Convict (after the charges are proved).

The Juvenile Justice act has been last amended in the year 2011 and is under review now. The act describes the age of the juvenile between 10 to 18 years and this bracket was given in 1850. it is to be noted that the average of puberty during those times was 18 and now kids aged 10 to 13 are hitting puberty. So, keeping this in mind has the age limit decreased? NO. Many countries have amended the age but India is still to do that.

The First step will be to Analyze scientifically and socially and bring down the age of Juvenile. Do this because it is the need of the hour not because it is the need of the Activists and the Vote Bank. Be proactive and not reactive. Form a committee of eminent Anthropologists, Scientists,  Doctors, Social Psychologists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Ex Civil Servants and Judiciary to sit and analyze every bit of our constitution and its relevance in our times and bring the necessary changes in it. Follow the procedure every decade. 

Now coming to the "Capital Punishment".

To begin with I supported it. My logic was A person who kills a person deserves to die. But then the Delhi Rape case shook me, The Nithari Case and a surge of these brutality shook me and I thought do they deserve to just die for the barbaric activity they have done? Won't they have to bear the pain, the trauma they caused to the Victim and the family. Just the Noose. A few seconds and end of the pain? No, this was not right. They need to live and spend their whole life in the jail. They will wake up every single day and see their life passing by, like a complete waste. They will repent every moment, die every moment for what they have done. Death will make the punishment too easy an affair. let them live, repent and remorse.

Their souls can't be saved. They are doomed. Raping a woman inserting rod in her private parts, yanking out her internal organs....did a human with a soul do that? Raping little children, raping their corpse, boiling their flesh....did a human with a soul do this? 


They don't deserve forgiveness they deserve punishment. They need to be punished only because they can be an example to the society and act as a deterrent.

I might be sounding too radical but just think of the innocent lives brutally cut short. Their families destroyed? 

A knee jerk reaction by the government of sending the convicts to the gallows won't help. What we need is a government who works beyond vote banks to the general moral upliftment of the society.

Stop making a commodity of a woman.

"main toh tandoori murgi hu yaar gatkale saiyan alcohol se"

The person who wrote, sung,danced on this song are literate belong to a niche class. They should show a bit of responsibility.Just because it sells you do not sell it. A Juvenile mind lacking education and maturity receives this things differently. 

Instead of hanging Juveniles educate them with the right knowledge before all is lost. Make sex education compulsory. People with the power to reach the masses please be a bit more responsible. Don't say "Young Blood can commit mistakes". Don't raise your girls like boys but raise your boys like you will raise your girls. Put a tab on the activities of the teens. Any act of unwarranted aggression should be tapped. Every child should be given proper counseling by a psychologist. It's not a bad thing to visit a psychologist. You are not crazy if you go to a psychologist. I have also been counseled for some behavioral problem as a teenager and that helped me to grow as a balanced human.

The times are changing. Things are more complex than they ever were. So, we better be proactive before our own children end up facing the Gallows. 



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