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The Silent Secret

“I have not seen you for quite a while and can’t recollect your face.” She said earnestly.   She had a peculiar tendency of forgetting people’s face while remembering their names. “Don’t bother. I remember you, your face.” He said as a matter of fact. “You have learnt how to talk smooth, haven’t you?” she said giggling. “No, your face has been the one which remained with me always. It haunted me everywhere I went to run away from my demons. It was the only thing that brought me back home because I knew my home is in the city you lived. I returned every night and fell asleep hoping to see you the next day. These went on for years. I didn’t even know you moved out of the city. I didn’t fall into bad company because I thought I might lose you. I never got near any intoxication because I was afraid that it would make your memory in my soul blur. I kept on fighting the demons within me hoping that the next time you saw me you found me the same. I failed sometimes and I won sometimes but I


As I walked along the stadium boundary, I increased my speed many folds.No, not because I was followed but because it was a natural impulse. All of fifteen yet eight years in the constant shadow of eve teasing, groping, molestation makes you instinctive and alert like a deer in the forest. All of a sudden I hear a voice, "tssk tssk" I speed up frantically and in moments, a boy hardly of 16 or 17 comes in grabs my hand and says "Come with me." "No!" I shout back and try to bite him. He slaps me but I somehow manage to free myself but he grabs me from the back "Kick them hard on the balls."  I remembered what my father said to me but he is facing my back so, how can I. I struggle vehemently making sure I don't shout because I knew shouting may turn this into a group thing and a lone person is easier to fight than the group. As I struggled my life flashed past me. "The Topper Me", "The House Vice Captain Me","The Good Da

These Juvenile Criminals....

Juvenille : Etymology   Latin iuvenilis , from iuvenis ( “ young ” )   Adjective juvenile ( Comparative; more juvenile , Superlative Most juvenile ) young ; not fully developed characteristic of youth or immaturity ; childish   Noun juvenile ( plural juveniles ) a prepubescent child a person not legally of age , or who is younger than may be charged with an offence an animal that is not sexually mature an actor playing a child's role . Source Wikitionary From the above definition We understand Juvenile is a young child, Prepubescent child, not sexually mature.So if a person is prepubescent how he can rape (sadly in India only penile insertion is considered as rape). Reversely if a person is raping then he is sexually mature and so how can he be technically a juvenille. The argument against this will be just because he is sexually mature doesn't tell that he can't be a child from the brain. So, my

Clipped Wings??

Will you be flying Honey? No you won't be flying honey. Why said I? Oh Why said I? Can't you see it from your eye? Your wings are meticulously clipped Just to avoid your being slipped. Your bound not to sore high So, should I sit back with a sigh No, fly but not tither. Make sure this path here Is the one chosen for thou. But I can't fly can only crawl slow I don't want to crawl, no, never I just hope myself to be my saver And I fly with my clipped wings Let the world shout, let them sing The old cacophony of the norms I am not going to bargain soul for a form. I am not striving the road supposed to be taken And my faith in myself won't be shaken Nay the storms come and shake me hard Let the adversities be my miseries' bard Let the world be angry and let it diffuse While I will be worshiping my muse. It will pain and doubts will rule the road But never will my dreams be sung an ode I am and so, I dream Without it I cease to exist So, while breaking in free verse

Dreams And Aspirations

What do you think your life is? What you are now or what do you feel it to be? As I wrote this lines for one of my stories, I smiled. I smiled because my life and it's choices came in front of me. I was born to an Engineer father. My father was a Chemical Engineer not because he had to but because he wanted to. He was good in what he did. He loved his job. I started of as a topper and so obviously a middle class family's dreams would see me as an Engineer or Doctor. As I grew up in Gwalior I invariably saw all my seniors jumping in to become an Engineer or Doctor. But I never saw myself becoming one. My father took care of my choice he spoon fed me these lines.                                                "I want to become an IT Engineer" Funny I didn't understand what "Information Technology was. I as a kid wanted to become a teacher. I grew up and wanted to become an Archaeologist, a Geologist, a wildlife photographer or explorer. Every time I ma

In the Midst of All Chapter 5 Part One The Ticket.

The door bell rang, bringing Vaidehi out of her noon siesta. It was winters and she dozed off while reading a newspaper in the balcony. She first thought that it was Siddhartha. He had went to the Market to run some Holiday errands with their son. She stood up slowly, her spinal chord a bit stiff. It was like that since the birth of her youngest son but the pain was bearable if one thought of what would have happened that day. God was merciful on them. Everything went of well twelve years back and she believed everything will go well from then onwards. Her belief was firm and unshaken. Any disturbance in the way life is today will spell doom for her. She was happy now. She was contended. She wanted to be that way. Vaidehi loved stability. She loved being sure of things even before they happened. As she opened the door, she was surprised. She saw her daughter, Devyani, beaming from ear to ear. She looked serene, with her calm eyes, beaming smile (just like Siddhartha). Clad casually in

Humanity's Religion

"These are modern times, these are hard times"...quoted my Professor while teaching us Charles Dickens "Hard Times" Funnily these lines are universal, times are always hard. When humanity began, the world was not globalized, we were not connected. People in Europe didn't know people in China, People in India didn't know people in The Americas. We were living in an Universe called earth where we looked into the horizon and wondered is life beyond that horizon? In the same way the Astronauts today look at the stars and wonder "Is life there beyond Earth?" We all evolved separately, we had our different civilizations, we all had our different cultures. we all had our different belief and religion. But what binds us as one is we all had a Civilization, Culture, Belief,  Religion, though different but we had a belief and religion. So what made humans look above and pray to some one, whom we have never seen. What made humans think that there is

Chapter Four Part Three Inception

Waiting at that hospital bed beside the window, a thousand thoughts ran across Vaidehi's mind. Her entire life flashed pass by her. She saw herself as a small lanky girl of four running bare foot in a white cotton frock that one of her elder brothers had stitched for her, her pig tail loosening its grip with every single step, behind her was her youngest elder brother five years her senior, tall, a boy of nine was running fast. They had plucked some unripe guavas from the "Old Woman's Guava Tree". This was forbidden and doing forbidden things always gives a sense of mirth and pleasure. She saw her mother lying in her death bed, she was eight then sitting quietly in the lap of her eldest brother, twenty years her senior. Her mother recovered within a month after that but by then she had an innocence which reeked of maturity and calm. She remembered how Manu, the youngest elder brother used to fight with her for studying on that side of the lamp where there is no shadow

Together Forever....

"Can we go there?"asked she, as if pleading replete with child like innocence. "No, we cannot..." he said with a smile, just being contended that his scarred maturity had finally met this clear spring of thoughts. "Why not? look it's so beautiful, we will watch the sunrise and sit quietly.." she said while tugging to her hand and trying him to move into that direction. "Because you are clumsy on plain roads and you might fall on this rough terrain with a cycle." He said still calm while steadily holding onto his cycle. "I find roads unnatural. NATURAL" She said aloud pointing at the mud trail. "NO!" "All right, stay here, I am going." She said sulking and climbed her cycle and rode by. "This Girl!" he said exasperated as he climbed the cycle and followed her. The road was a mud trail, their destiny was a small hillock, The road went past a small agrarian village, it was dawn. The sun was ye