Oh Great Virginity!!!

So, virginity. A long drawn topic. If you lost your virginity before marriage you are promiscuous and you are bad and unacceptable. You are not intelligent, you are not a considerate person, you are not a dignified person, you do not care for your family, you are dishonest, you are not a great friend, you are not fun to be around, in short you do not possess any positive quality if your "mythical hymen" breaks and do not bother for what reason, you were raped, you loved that guy, you were just having a good time. whatever your reasons are you are a "slut" who mind you doesn't possess a heart.

 My point humans are too complex to be judged on a single criteria of virginity and the lack of it. Just because people have slept with someone doesn't make them evil and just because a person is a virgin it doesn't guarantee the goodness in a person.

Personally I do not find anything wrong with one night stands or casual sex. It's their personal  lifestyle choice. It's their way, their action so, their responsibility and no one can tag someone as good or bad just based on only one aspect of life.If a woman is not virgin, what is the big deal? What is all the fuss about it?
She doesn't need to justify her act what were her intentions?

We should, as a society stop grouping people, stereotyping people, judging all based on conventions is never proper, humans are complex being and just because you are not a virgin doesn't change your perception of the world in general. God while virgin and Devil while lost it does not actually make sense. A woman is so many things not just a mere layer of hymen.

I am not here promoting promiscuity neither abhorring it. I am well aware of the risk of STDs associated with multiple sexual partners and keeping all this in mind let's see the soul and not discriminate one just because she is not a virgin and let's not discriminate people suffering from AIDS and other STDs. Understanding all the while it's the soul that's important not the hymen.

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