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Being Modern in #ModernTradition

"Education is the manifestation of the greatness already present in mankind"                                                                                             -Swami Vivekananda. These lines were written one day on the school blackboard as the thought of the day. I saw it and I was never the same I was 12 then.  My generation or rather our generation was different from my parents because we were standing and are still standing in the midst of a cultural evolution and we are questioning old norms. This is normal because in every society one thing that is and should be continuous is change. We upgrade everything in our life be it phones, Ope rating System everything is update d to adapt to the changes, similarly every tradition, every society needs to upgrade and change to adapt to the times. Every tradition when not upgraded after a certain period of time becomes evil. In this world every necessary good will one day turn into an evil and that will be the

To Live In or Marry is the Question....

The topic "live in" v/s "marriage" firstly should be culture specific as in western countries like USA, UK, France etc. the topic is irrelevant as its a matter of individual choice, why? because they have an individualistic approach to the society over there your personal life is completely under your discretion and utterly your responsibility. Friends, Family may at the most be empathetic and may give you moral support you need, guide you but in no way will dictate your life (you want to be dictated is again your choice). In countries like Afganisthan, UAE and other traditionally inclined country you cannot even think of live in relations because the society is completely based on social norms and does not really consider individual choice. The family, friends just do not guide you they command you and you get a protection from them in many issues. These both being the extremes let's focus on societies like India which is evolving from being society orient

A Childish Journey

Shall we run! roll over and jump the fence!!? Said the boy of three with a twinkle in his face The building is under construction The windows still french.... Hand in hand now they go Giggling laughing spreading innocent mischief The girl in a pleated skirt and two pig tails hardly made The boy in shorts all tidy ready to be spoilt They go like the breeze, laughing, Eyes wide open in an animated merriment. "Don't run kids, you will fall!" Says the old mason shaking his head They look back and stick their tongues out The mason's laugh fills in the bricked room. Brother and Sister, all of three and nine The elder sister the guide, The younger brother the mischief. Th boy stumbles and falls So does the girl to match his goofiness Together creating a clumsy harmony Laughing while asking to keep quiet. Hair disheveled cheeks flushed They stand all soiled The mother all furious, Dad's the saviour. "Let's run!" chirps in the girl Being older, the better she

Oh Great Virginity!!!

So, virginity. A long drawn topic. If you lost your virginity before marriage you are promiscuous and you are bad and unacceptable. You are not intelligent, you are not a considerate person, you are not a dignified person, you do not care for your family, you are dishonest, you are not a great friend, you are not fun to be around, in short you do not possess any positive quality if your "mythical hymen" breaks and do not bother for what reason, you were raped, you loved that guy, you were just having a good time. whatever your reasons are you are a "slut" who mind you doesn't possess a heart.  My point humans are too complex to be judged on a single criteria of virginity and the lack of it. Just because people have slept with someone doesn't make them evil and just because a person is a virgin it doesn't guarantee the goodness in a person. Personally I do not find anything wrong with one night stands or casual sex. It's their personal  lifestyle

For You Father

Yes, I blog. Why? because I write. Why do I write? because I love to. It's one thing I have been sure of in my life, my life changed, my goals changed, my situations changed, my likings and dislikings changed but one thing that remained constant is my zeal to write; penning every thought down. I was an awkwardly introvert child who had her own world of fantasies. I was always eerily mature for my age. I understood situations and never threw tantrums just to make my will be done. I was considerate, empathetic at an age when other kids threw tantrums, rolled over and did what not in a fit of so called rage. So, I was abnormal. I knew more things than my class mates,had a good knowledge, I didn't study much in fact I don't remember consciously how did I learnt about The Nine Planets, The Stars and English Grammar. I never studied English Grammar before exams. And I was not Nerdy I was well dressed and was my teacher's pet and my friends' heart beat. Now before taking m

Chapter Four, Part Two, Numb

"Now I stand here, in this empty room all surrounded by mirrors, Mirrors of silver haze, mirrors of perpetual purity, I stand  here unclothed, hidden by black curtains, curtains, jet black hiding all secrets from the constant gaze of mirror, I am crying but tears don't come up, my tears are dried up and cries are all hollow, I shout but voice has left my vocal chords, I see someone chasing me, a predator, he is cunning full of stealth and raw cruel intentions, he predates on the souls, tears the flesh and  crumbles the bones to fish out the soul, bleeds you dry only to use your blood in a vibrant painting of mirth, I run all of a sudden clothed in red, I run through narrow lanes, I run fast and catch every breath I run hard and I don't look back as I am afraid his hypnotic calm eyes may seduce me to relish my own death, I don't want to die, not like this and I run, I stumble on a stone and I fall and I see a hand, his hand with a broad silver armlet gettin