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Canvas Kolkata and Beyond: Bishnupur

  Bored in the city? nowhere to go? Digha is a second home as you have been there innumerable times, the city lights are deluding you?  Been in the city for the first time want to see and brag about friends about something they don't know about the state? In both the cases here is your saviour, here is your option: Bishnupur, situated 150 km. off Kolkata in the Bankura District the small town of Bishnupur has for you a modestly good offering of terracotta temples and all those die hard Temple means Khajuraho fans yes it is not as spectacular as Khajuraho but it's sure worth a watch.  Transportation: What started as a statement "I am so bored we don't even go anywhere" from my end while having morning tea at 9:00 am one lazy Saturday morning landed us (me and my husband) in the Esplanade Bus Stop Of Kolkata scouting for buses, statutory warning the government buses leave early in the morning but then we got a private local bus leaving at 11:50 am the tickets were

In the Midst of all Chapter4 Part : one Dreams of Past

"The parrot green saree" thought Vaidehi with a sigh, her B.Ed project was lying on the bed, "This is the last time I am going through all this, I can't do this any further. I will be a celibate for my whole life, it's a better option than this." two years of continuous visits from the prospect match for a husband does that you. Vaidehi had not slept for the entire night she was up and preparing the B.Ed assignment which was lying on the bed, she had gone for the submission today morning only to find the college locked down indefinitely due to a student's union strike, she was disappointed and to add to the further turmoils in a day her mother announced that "the engineer" was coming... the year was 1980 not many were engineers and those who were.... well they were out of reach because of the high dowry they demanded "I don't know what the fuss is all about I am a double graduate myself." Thought Vaidehi as she picked up the kohl

The crazy thing Marriage is

Marriages!!!! a big deal, a colossal affair!!!! A pandemonium, an utter chaos of sorts!!!! The most important day in the girl's life, she has to look her best in her entire life! This day you crossover, you begin a new life. Yes, your marriage day is important but how important! Is it so important that you spend beyond your means to make the day grand? The most expensive sarees, the most famous make up artist, hours in the beauty parlour, spa, shopping till you drop; will all this guarantee a happy married life? May be no. Marriage Day is so overrated that we stop thinking about the days that lie ahead of us all preparations focus on the "Marriage and The Honeymoon" and no thought is given after that, we get deluded that our entire life will be "a honeymoon" and then we get a real shocker...... Oops! this is not the person I fell in love with! Before marriage if you are not living in together you see each other for a few hours in a day or even weeks and in s

For You Maa

In how many ways can a human be saved? How many times can you be given birth to? innumerable.....and every time when I thought I am standing all alone ready to perish you came there, calmly and as usual saved me, you gave me life every time  I died and the saddest part I never realized. The whole of my life I kept quiet and thought no one noticed me, no one even acknowledged what I did but I failed to understand that I am silent because i am a part of your soul, I am so much like you yet I never understood you. I blamed you, fought with you made you cry but I never realized that when you were standing against me (as I perceived) you were actually fighting for me, you were actually trying to be my shield......I am sorry but I don't need to say "sorry" because I am your shadow, your blood and I know you know and love me for what I am. Your Suntu

Canvas Kolkata- Victoria Memorial

Sneak Peak Prayers from a Tree The lone Black Fairy A different angle for the angel The Sky and The Giant Amongst Nature All Bloomed, All Set Victoria Memorial Romancing The Lake The City Sky From The Victoria Memorial Gardens

In the Midst of All Chapter Three Part Two, stay

When Devyani came out from the bath, Mrinal was awake, still lying in the bed, "You are looking fresh and beautiful. Sorry, I kept you up all night, talking what not, I didn't realize when I fell asleep, you must be thinking, 'what is this guy, how can he sleep around with random women and am I just one on the list'. I wonder while thinking all this you could actually sleep." "Don't over think and over estimate yourself, there are many reasons for me, other than you to keep me up all night" Devyani smiled while rubbing her  hair with the towel, "And since you have got up early let's go out and fetch some breakfast as I am starving, you can come back after that and take a bath and all." "All right let me brush and freshen up a bit while you carry on with your grooming though I would love to see the magic potion used on that but then never mind." "There is no magic in this world." "Well you are magical, so, are yo

In the Midst of All Chapter-three, Part- One, The Proposal

"If x/y=1,  then x=y, here you go, simple now half of the cold drink is mine." said Devyani calmly with a wicked twinkle in her eyes, she was ever ready for a quick competition. "Not fair, it was so simple and it didn't come to my mind but do I get a drop of the cold drink at least, we are a team." said Arghya earnestly and with real innocence. "The importance of being earnest....all right you can have some." Devyani moved out of the room to declare her small victory to her cousins, their brother-in-law and cousin (sister) had come for the first time after marriage and had set a small competition of ten questions and this was the last in the series. When she came back in the room the lights went off, it was an usual load shedding. "Oh God!" "Aren't you afraid of the dark?" asked Arghya curiously. "No, it's real world and not a Hindi Movie scene, Let me grab a lamp....wait." Devyani came back with a lamp and sat fac

In The Midst of All, Chapter 2 Part Three, Friend?

They reached Delhi, It was 5 o'clock in the evening it was Friday and they would spend the Saturday and the Sunday in the city but first they needed an accommodation, Mrinal had his graduation from Delhi so, he knew the city so, they caught an auto and lodged in a guest house near  Hazrat Nizamuddin Station, it was a decent place, economical. They checked in put in their luggage had their bath and went out to eat as they were starving, they had some street food and then they roamed around like vagabonds, eating random snacks laying on the grass near India Gate. Mrinal was having a nice time, now, this was a girl who was laid back and really cool, she was fun, she loved street food, she loved roaming around doing nothing, his previous flings were all too classy, suave restaurants, classy candle light dinner and dance, expensive gifts,regular utterance of "I love you"  and what not just for a one night stand but she was different, you could just hang out with this girl no o

In the Midst of All Chapter Two Part One The Dress Rehearsal

"I am so much in love with you that I have grown numb to all the senses of emotions around me. I have with me now, a single strain of thought and some fragments of memory which always mingle into my dreams and now, when I stand here, thinking, my dreams and memories are all mixed up in some lethal concotion, which I consume to survive everyday and to die a little every day. I never wanted you to be near me as I always knew that you are synonymus to my doom but then I couldn't stop myself and I got seduced by myself to fall into this trap, the hoax of a relationship, I had with you and still so, stupidly continue to have with you  while you have broken free of the shackles that binds me still now and I make sure it grips me tightly and asphixiates me by tightening all the loose knots and thus ensuring that my escape is unthinkable and my freedom is unacceptable. It gives me a high to suffocate my soul and to tear down my mind, to inflict my flesh with the invisible but mortal w