seriously! Do you need to ask me all these!?

First things first, I am basically an introvert and socially awkward to the core but stupid stomach feels hungry so, I have to work and stupidest brain it works well where I have to interact the most, so, for the purpose of sustaining my livelihood I have to be lively and in the midst of all my heart and mind sustains it's inherent streak of being socially awkward. I hate people interacting with me beyond a limit and I hate the most the questions thrown at me. I just cannot get why people are so inquisitive and I cannot even fathom that why do I patiently answer them. I just cannot say a "NO, I WON'T ANSWER YOU." anyways the question which irritates me the most
 "You have been married for more than one year, Why no kids? Any problem? "
My answer: Is my child going to feed you or do you get sales incentive on how many people you convince to reproduce. Am I the last specimen of my species that if I don't reproduce we go all dodo aka extinct.

Second question: What are you going to do when you grow up?
My answer: kill you or abduct you and throw you into dungeon

Third question What 'Datta' is your name? No no it's your surname I asked what is your name,first name?
My answer: Come on do I look that dumb to you that I don't have an idea about my first name. Datta is my name period.

Fourth question: When will the road/ highway/flyover will get completed?
My answer: Well the Government, the PWD has not consulted with me regarding the matter. So, unbelievable!

Fifth question: Men hitting on me"Can we be friends?"
My answer: you mean friends with benefits. Say it you want to screw me.

Sixth question: My hostel mates"How is this soap/shampoo/deo? what have you brought from the home?
My prediction: Goodbye my shampoo,Goodbye my things, you've never been there with me much. 

Seventh question: How was your day?

My answer: I met Obama and Putin sorted out their differences.  Then I had lunch with Hugh Jackman on moon. In the evening my boss declared a salary hike of 300%.

Eighth Question: Parents" Where were you?"
My answer: Trust me you don't want to know.

Ninth Question: Where in India are you from?
My Answer: From India does the part matter?

Tenth question: Why don't you talk more smile more?
My reaction: Blank stare till you don't think I am crazy and leave


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