In Midst of All- Chapter-Zero, Prologue

This is the second part in the story for earlier part and happenings visit Chapter- Minus One, Beginnings

"Now what was that?" was her first reaction.

 She scanned the scene around her. The first thing she noticed was a stagnant ceiling fan and then she felt that she was perspiring heavily. There was no one in the room, she was alone. She scanned the window, it was dawn. She intently looked towards the door and strained her eyes but to no avail, no one there.........

Then it slowly came to her; she was dreaming. She was sleeping and it took her some time to come to the reality from her sleep. For the first few seconds (even minutes) she could not gather where she was,what time,year it was, what was she doing and even who exactly she was?................

"But then,......Oh my God! I slept and my paper............. its i-n-c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e and who will help me?? Oh me, myself, how can I be so stupid??" was her first normal strain of thought seeping in slowly in her conscious self and this was enough to bring her back into reality.

 She felt a cold chill running down her spine, her flesh burning under her skin. She rubbed her palm against her arms vigorously to ward off that feeling; the burning sensation but no, it didn't do off. Her heart started to sting a bit and then she closed her eyes to gulp in a deep breath but it won't come to her.

It has been like that since she could remember..........It has been there with her..........and the best and worst of it.......she knew what it exactly was? it was an anxiety attack setting her teeth into her very conscious.......


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