In the Midst of all Chapter One, Part two Outwards

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“That Discussion panel is biased” Shahin blabbering out her frustration of not giving an up to the mark presentation.
“It’s not biased. You didn’t sleep yesterday and you didn’t study. You were chatting out the night with your love of the life. So, dear you get some and you lose some” I said as a matter of fact.
“YES BECAUSE IT WAS OUR SEVENTH ANNIVERSSARY OF FIRST EYE CONTACT” Shahin turns to her ‘Oh so Bossy loud Whisper’ mode.

 This, kind of irritates me but then it’s cool.What I find amusing is her memory when it comes to remember the dates and her dementia when it comes to remember the dates of the tests.

Strange thing memory is, you remember only what you want to……………

“Why are you laughing……… was important………….but then you-wont-understand! Never been in relationship………never been in love………..”Said Shahin, watching me laugh.

 Ouch that hurts but then it’s all right. I have never been in a relationship with a real human. It’s my dreams and just a fragment of my imagination. I have never been in love as I always am falling in love.

“Hey I am sorry I didn't mean it that way………I am sorry………you OK no? I mean that you understand that I understand that it’s not your fault right?” Shahin looked genuinely sorry but for what? Oh! guess my face turned serious without even for a reason that’s so typically me I sometimes don’t know what I mean or what I do.

“Don’t be, you are right I am not in love. Who wants to be in love? When you are addicted to the feeling of getting into something new.”

“You are a b-i-t-c-h” Shahin’s reaction when I point at the guy who is sitting to a table just before us and is staring at me………and now is smiling and what made him do that was a bit of motivation, as I call it usually

“Well he is coming right?..............How do you do this? Shahin just can’t help to not know

“Well its simple I fall in love with the person for that moment”

“And what do you get out of it?”

“Nothing just for fun”

“Going at this rate you won’t be able to commit”

“Who wants to……”

As I sit there blankly, flirting a song keeps on playing in my mind “Khela Ghor Bandhte Legechi Amar Moner Bhitore……Koto raat tai tohjegechi….bolbo ki tore”…………I am building a home of mere pretenses and hopes that will never get fulfilled deep within my heart…………..That’s the reason why I am Insomniac for so many nights………how to tell you this……..”

“Hi I am Lucky” this is how this guy comes up and introduces him

“Not yet” I know it’s cheesy but I say this as it looks and sounds good when flirting

“But want to” Oh my God! ‘Super cheesy alert’, this is going to be fun.

“I am Devyani” I extend my hand to a rather prolonged handshake…interesting

“Wow interesting name…what does it mean?” Nothing interesting in it, say it directly my profile is interesting

“Charioteer of the Gods” I could seeShahin eyeing me and criticizing me a hand full

“Guess Lucky I have to leave catch you some other time here or anywhere”

“But when?”

“When we meet again” I say it while looking back as I leave.

Shahin is angry and pissed off I guess but I like it…..God! I love Pissing off friends.

To be continued............


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