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In The Midst of All Chapter One Part-Three Spring

 This is the fifth edition, For Previous happenings in the series Chapter -1 Chapter 0 Chapter 1 Part I Chapter 1 Part II Spring As I walk now, I see a myriad of faces, talking, laughing, bargaining, the season is ripe the winters are over and I can smell spring ushering its own way, The bazaar is as colourful as it should be, oranges, raspberries, apples and a tint of pear and peaches with strawberries in a little corner, cabbages, carrots all water sprinkled, and the chat wallah vending out the aroma of the season, It’s the season of  "Basant" over here, It’s the season of celebration, of bright hued colours of red, yellow, orange, blue and green are more colourful and vibrant than ever, their flamboyance has turned the sky golden pink, it’s the season to be happy, it’s a season to love………….to lose and to gain…………..and to wait………….wait for the moments which I know will never come but then I just want to be happy in the make belief that it will come and wait for them……………..s

In the Midst of all Chapter One, Part two Outwards

For Chapter One Part One Visit: “That Discussion panel is biased” Shahin blabbering out her frustration of not giving an up to the mark presentation. “It’s not biased. You didn’t sleep yesterday and you didn’t study. You were chatting out the night with your love of the life. So, dear you get some and you lose some” I said as a matter of fact. “YES BECAUSE IT WAS OUR SEVENTH ANNIVERSSARY OF FIRST EYE CONTACT” Shahin turns to her ‘Oh so Bossy loud Whisper’ mode.  This, kind of irritates me but then it’s cool.What I find amusing is her memory when it comes to remember the dates and her dementia when it comes to remember the dates of the tests. Strange thing memory is, you remember only what you want to…………… “Why are you laughing……… was important………….but then you-wont-understand! Never been in relationship………never been in love………..”Said Shahin, watching me laugh.  Ouch that hurts but then it’s all rig

In the Midst of All- Chapter- One Part one Sunlight and Shadows

               "The problem with love is that it’s love and can’t be altered or tailor made to suit our needs, times and time. Its relentless, unassuming, all loosing yet all usurping, all consuming, it destroys, breaks, makes  and keeps you guessing till the end" “This is not how we can compare Romantic tragedies with Classical Tragedies” said Shahin, peeping into the scribble I had written on my seminar paper. Now this is Shahin eternal nosy in her best avatar! Come on, what is her problem! "I am doing my papers, all right. I know it’s my turn next I am almost finished and I scribbled some incoherent lines. What’s the big deal in that ! Why to make a fuss out of everything. I never say anything when she talks  the whole night out speaking sweet nothings to her boyfriend while I lay dreaming waking and doing what not." I think aloud but don't gather enough courage to speak out all these to her.   ”HELLO YOUR TURN NEXT” She tunes into her ‘Oh so Bossy loud Whisp

seriously! Do you need to ask me all these!?

First things first, I am basically an introvert and socially awkward to the core but stupid stomach feels hungry so, I have to work and stupidest brain it works well where I have to interact the most, so, for the purpose of sustaining my livelihood I have to be lively and in the midst of all my heart and mind sustains it's inherent streak of being socially awkward. I hate people interacting with me beyond a limit and I hate the most the questions thrown at me. I just cannot get why people are so inquisitive and I cannot even fathom that why do I patiently answer them. I just cannot say a "NO, I WON'T ANSWER YOU." anyways the question which irritates me the most  "You have been married for more than one year, Why no kids? Any problem? " My answer: Is my child going to feed you or do you get sales incentive on how many people you convince to reproduce. Am I the last specimen of my species that if I don't reproduce we go all dodo aka extinct. Second qu

In Midst of All- Chapter-Zero, Prologue

This is the second part in the story for earlier part and happenings visit Chapter- Minus One, Beginnings " Now what was that?" was her first reaction.  She scanned the scene around her. The first thing she noticed was a stagnant ceiling fan and then she felt that she was perspiring heavily. There was no one in the room, she was alone. She scanned the window, it was dawn. She intently looked towards the door and strained her eyes but to no avail, no one there......... Then it slowly came to her; she was dreaming. She was sleeping and it took her some time to come to the reality from her sleep. For the first few seconds (even minutes) she could not gather where she was,what time,year it was, what was she doing and even who exactly she was?................ "But then,......Oh my God! I slept and my paper............. its i-n-c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e and who will help me?? Oh me, myself, how can I be so

Musings Of a Delirious Mind

I will sound so predictable if I say hills give us a much needed respite from the materialistic world. So, let's pragmatically avoid it and instead let me tell you about my delirious fickle mind which though is in a number crunching realm but is never there actually. My mind has a mind of its own, funny but true its a separate entity but then its true. It has the strangest calculations and stranger missions to accomplish. My body actually houses two individuals and yes, I have been counseled and very vehemently told that I am not crazy. I love confusion, turbulence; they give me peace. They are my ultimate aphrodisiac. All go for a holiday to find peace, I take a break to disturb my peaceful existence.And my peace was finally broken, after years of hibernation I was finally wide awake my mind was again back to my normal sense of turbulence. I knew the travel will be hectic twenty hours in a train all alone and then a fourteen hour bus journey the next day and the sleep d

In the Midst Of All- Chapter- Minus One, Beginning

                                                          "What is your life?........Is it what you live or is it what you feel........." asked he, while looking suddenly and intently at me as if trying to strip search my soul. As he says that the only option now was to look at the blue lake and smile without giving an answer. His questions, I knew will never meet my answers. I was living flexibly in a brittle life, living every moment as it passed by. There was silence for I don't know what span of time but it was between eternity and a few seconds.  Then he looked towards the lake and smiled and said breaking the silence "You talk in midst of your silence using the air around you as words"   This time I don't look at the blue lake, I look at him, I soak into his stare for as long as I can. At this moment I know he is mine and this I know for sure but the next moment he might be not mine. I don't know and I don't bother anymore. I let my soul feel h