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Over Rated Love

When I thought it’s gone it was still there In there but gone now-moments, I saw the beginning and never the end But when I see it going away I feel all my notions were false Is falling in love over rated? Or falling out of love so under stated That in one moment I saw you And the other I wished you melted away. Is it me or the rule of the world? To look out for new pastures And leave neglected the grasslands once grazed Is being fed on the continuous fodder of love so necessary Or it’s an illusion created by the addicted lot? And if it’s necessary, why am I not dead already? I have lived so much in loveless paradise That now being in love is suffocating My wandering thoughts meander And end abruptly few miles after it started I end up in despair and I look back I see I am stuck; I went nowhere You sit beside me and I know you will. I do care for you and I know I will. Then why to over rate love? Why to impose the hollown

Out of the darkness: Married and Living Together

Out of the darkness: Married and Living Together : You know the funniest thing, you do not realize the existence of the things around you until they are thrown at your face; made ...

Married and Living Together

You know the funniest thing, you do not realize the existence of the things around you until they are thrown at your face; made clear to you by the way of a sudden bolt which breaks your trance. Things always nearer to you are ignored the most but then I was not ignoring this I was always like this too busy to bother, too self absorbed I guess. Cheryl Cole sang "Fight for this Love" "Everything's worth having is sure worth fighting for quitting's out of the question when it gets gotta fight some more" Easy to sing hard to follow, I am fighting for the last five years and now I am fighting no more, I am now happy to let it go, go and just fade away, die a natural death as I am too timid a person to murder the relation I was nurturing for the past five years. I was afraid to be blamed, to be in the wrong side of the things, as I had never been in the wrong side ever before, I some how manipulated my way to the right side always. I never lost and even if I lost

My Valentine

We are the lovers of the dark moon And when we copulate Its in midst the hyenas screams Of that unholy pleasure Which stems from devouring The rotten flesh of a being Who was once born. We are the lovers of hollow mirth Which comes when we kiss In the light of that menacing fury of fire Which destroys everything around us As we are too broken to be devoured Our clammy hands join In an union of the throbbing of bloodless black veins Our dry lips meet In a desire to quench the thirst The thirst of eternity But our toothless smiles Show us that we are To remain ever thirsty In this myriad ocean of lust You lick my hollow cheekbone And run your fingers through My brittle collarbone which Snaps along with me And all of me crumbles into a dust But then you lift me And hoist my body (if you can still call it) To the vacant of the sky I feel the drops of fire As the falling night dew and then coming back to my being We mate and let out screams So dea

My Love

  I was going crazy, this was evident. It started many years back when some of my friends, acquaintances rather thought something is wrong with me when I seemed to be lost amidst conversations, this thing was a deliberation on my part as this was my mental escape from the worldly chatter of the people I knew, while I seemed lost I was actually visiting places and making friends in my imaginary world. I didn't bother to think then that I was going crazy as the friends in my head never complained so I never thought that I was going crazy. My family thought I had lost it when I stopped interacting with them all of a sudden and we were living under the same roof. But I didn't mind that either. I had just read Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka and wondered that what if I too turn into a cockroach one fine day, well I will gain attention, sympathy and care and publicity and then no one will think I am crazy after all cockroaches are not crazy, are they?

Tunnel of Mirrors

Pic Courtesy:  "You are just too dark a person, it feels almost I am dating....." "Lord Voldermoth" I stop him with my quick mouth and laugh out loud, this laugh was audible and intended and was not like my natural laugh which is oddly silent and his expression changes from irritation at being interrupted, to frustration, to a quiet smile, his smile is hard to come by and is a rare beautiful ones with a dimple, he has a smile which reaches his eyes;