Down the Memory Lane

What a strange thing memory is; its so deceptive, manipulative and so very endearing or repulsive,
We form and un form memories in accordance to our perception-our needs our preconceived notions, We just remember in parts but not in whole, we select unconsciously the themes to be remembered and thus form a select library of memories around us. But we never know that we are  selecting things at our own disposal and the memories are not just random collection of events. The zenith or the abyss of our life events are selected and a support of other related medieval incidents is given to them so, that they might give a random appearance and we may escape the blame of sticking to particular things while throwing away others. This defense mechanism  is very effective and almost untraceable by our shrewd consciousness. And it doesn't lower the self esteem of our consciousness and it neither defeats our "ever hungry for gratification" unconscious. The selective memory brings a form of equilibrium. It erases the unwanted and regresses continuously to the
wanted. People who have been living in more than one house or place know how selective memory is. A very simple dream they see has an amalgamation of all the good or all the bad of the various places they have been into. Its like segregating and clubbing of the memories in a very organised pattern. But the knowledge of this segregation remains to be unknown to us just to maintain equilibrium.


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