A synopsis of Sorts

What is Truth?
In its very essence every fragment in this world is relative and nothing is absolute, so there can't be any existence of the word or notion of "Absolute Truth" or "Absolute Good". What that is good to one can be bad for the other and the both sides may not be evil or good. Truth that hurts others or comes in the way of once existence is not good for that one person but then someone has to benefit from it as there is nothing in this world which is absolutely harmful, so if it is harmful for someone then to maintain equilibrium it should benefit someone.

Coming to a different realm, do we know our own truth?, what are we deep inside? Most of us will say yes we do know but then delve deep we don't know. You seem to be so sure of yourself but then you ultimately find that you were not actually interacting with the facts the way you are interacting.

The whole notion of truth is in its stability and unchanging nature through various realms and dimensions of time but then this world, its creatures are dynamic in nature, the very essence of this universe lies in the the fact that it changes constantly in every realm and dimension of time. then isn't the notion of truth standing just in the bang opposite direction of the fundamentals of the Universe, which is self sustaining and is very much there, then where does truth stand?

(This is what I call a skeletal philosophy or theory, I am still clouded and the whole thing is coming into bits and parts to me........)


Anonymous said…
These are deep, well thought out thoughts. I agree for the most part.
I believe (and I'm still working on this too) that the truth is absolute, otherwise it wouldn't be the truth, right? I just think that it fits into much larger limits than we care to define it by, so we think that it changes for every person. Maybe we're all talking about different sections of the same truth.
Datta Ghosh said…
chaitanyavs, thanks for your comments, this strain of thoughts shall flow through in various write ups to come

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